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Coup de Grace

INQUIRE Mackintosh 0001 by Kiko Kostadinov cropped Harrington jacket 2017 46/Small

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Using the Arte Povera movement of the 1960’s as a starting reference for his debut collection, Kostadinov created 10 ready to wear looks as the first creative director for heritage brand Mackintosh. With a particular focus on simple objects and raw materials it was decided that each piece would be black in order to bring a greater focus to the compositional choices of the collection. Luxury materials such as wools, nylon, and cashmere were paired alongside Mackintosh’s signature bonded tape and rubber based glue solution to create modern looks that still referenced the brand’s ethos.
This cropped jacket features a rubberized stripe parallel to the zipper, padded shoulders, and viscose lining similar to that of a suit.