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Coup de Grace

INQUIRE Raf Simons Maroon Curved Hem shirt S/S2000 “Summa Cum Laude” 46

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Raf Simons SS00 Summa Cum Laude Maroon Shirt 
The definition of Summa Cum Laude is “with highest distinction”; used commonly in the Latin honor ranking system it is also the namesake of Raf Simons’ spring summer 2000 collection. This textbook Raf show includes silhouettes and cuts that could easily find a place in his current work at Prada. Everything you’ve come to expect from Raf is present including slim fit graphic tees and vests, oversized bombers, and straight fit pants all in a variety of jewel tones with that expected sense of academia. Respectively this shirt and tank top share a dull ruby color with some of the more intricate cut tops of the runway looks.
The size 46 shirt fits like a classic slim raf shirt and includes a curved hem.