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Elder Statesmen

The elder statesmen tie dye fleece resort 2019 Large

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The Elder Statesman Resort 2019 Tie Dye Fleece
The inspiration for The Elder Statesman 2019 collection came from mapping; both literally and figuratively.  Mountain climbers inspired many of the prints, silhouettes, and patterns used throughout the season.  Figuratively, “mind-mapping” plays a role as well; including tie-dyes and body maps as patterns for the garments.  Greg Chait, The Elder Statesman Founder, says that these more whimsical patterns relate to freedom as a luxury we’d all like more of.
At a time where fleece is having a resurgence in designer collections and in less contemporary settings, this zip up fits right in.  Dyed the color of a Malibu, California sunset; the state is a constant inspiration for the brand.