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Coup de Grace

INQUIRE Undercoverism blistered lambskin pants F/W04 “But Beautiful Medium 32

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Undercover FW04 “But Beautiful” Blistered Lambskin Pants
The theme of Undercover’s Fall 2004 collection was wear.  Using Patti Smith’s style of the 1970s as a point of inspiration, Takahashi explored how our clothes change with wear over time.  Evident in this pair of pants and the other blistered lambskin pieces from the season is the worn look of the distressed and extremely supple lambskin. That is so soft to the touch that it’s difficult not exclaim audibly when felt. Little details like the D-ring on the belt loop and skull emblazoned on the top button add to that feeling of wear and personality that Takahashi wanted out of pieces meant to look mended and changed.  Well worn and well loved articles are the key takeaway from the collection.  This pair of pants themselves are quite rare, to the point where I was unable to even find any evidence of their existence online.
These slim fit blistered lambskin pants are tagged a medium and are best for a size 32 waist.  Furthermore, these elusive pants complete Coup De Grace’s personal collection of blistered lambskin offerings from this season alongside 3 jackets, a hoodie, and a pair of gloves.