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Coup de Grace

Visvim Christo Solar Red Medium 10-11

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Visvim Christos
Founded in 2001, visvim rapidly became known for its interpretations of Americana and workwear garments.  The Christo sandal is inspired by artist Christo Javacheff and his wife Jeanne-Claude who together created environmental artworks.  Hiroki Nakamura, visvim’s founder, compared his sandals to Christo’s art; sharing similarities to Christo’s wrappings of bridges, monuments, and natural formations.  The Christo has been a recurring piece in visvim’s offerings since 2003 and has been made in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns.  It has also seen its fair share of imitations and replications from other larger sandal brands namely Suicoke; however, they pale in comparison to the original chunky sandal.


tagged as a medium, fits 10-11